A lot of tickets a non-changeable (the airline simply does not allow a change). If a change is allowed, this rule generally applies: the cheaper your ticket, the more expensive the change. If case of changing, airlines will always charge two fees: 

1. Fixed changing fee

2. Fare difference

Please always take the steps below, before requesting a flight change (this also applies when you have bought a flexible ticket):

Step 1: Check fixed changing fee

If a change is allowed, the fixed changing fees normally can be found either on your ticket e-mail or on MijnTix. Is your ticket non-changeable? Please don't call us, as we are unable to help you. If a ticket is non-changeable, we are also not allowed to offer any refund. Therefore, we advise to buy new ticket.

*Haven't received your ticket, yet? Please skip this step

Step 2: Calculate estimated fare difference

You might be able to change your dates/time/route. However: the more you change, the more you'll pay. We kindly ask to roughly calculate the minimum fare difference yourself. This will give you a proper indication of the fare difference to be charged. You do so, by performing a new search on our website with your desired dates/times/route. Select the flight(s) and check the new ticket price. Next, you will subtract the old/original ticket price (stated in your confirmation e-mail) from this new ticket price. You will now have your indicated fare difference:

New ticket price - old ticket price = indicated fare difference.

Step 3: Yes, I would like to change

Did you take notice of the minimum costs involved? And do you know exactly what change needs to be performed? Then you are able to start you change request via our online form. Please press the button below and fill out the complete form. We will then call you back within 2 workings days to discuss your options, so please have a close look on your phone. If you approve totale fees involved, we will send you an online paylink directly. This needs to be paid within one hour. 

*We can only assist with one request at the time. Requesting multiple dates/times can never be done. 

Fill out change form 

Please note:

  • Only the main booker can change the complete itinerary. Other passengers can only change for themselves. 
  • Once you approve the total costs involved with your change request, a paylink will be sent to your e-mail address right away. This paylink needs to be paid within one hour to completely process your change. Deciding not to pay after approving the change? You will then lose your flight, as your booking is no longer valid. 
  • Your new flights must always be operated by the same airline as your original/old booking
  • Your calculation is an indication. The actual fare difference might be higher. The calculation our systems make (in conjunction with the airline) are always leading.
  • Did you already fly your outbound flight and want to change your return flight? Unfortunately, you are unable to calculate the estimated fare difference. Look up the change fees and your desired flights. Fill out 0 (zero) on the change form. We will calculate the fare difference for you.